Portable Travel/Camping Hammocks

travel camping hammocks

Portable travel/camping hammocks are available in 4 sizes:

– XXL : this double hammocks is the most comfortable for one or two persons (3.20 m (L) x 2.00 m (W) – 600 gr)
– XL : this lightweight travel/camping hammock is very convenient for a single adult (3.20 m (L) x 1.50 m (W) – 500 gr)
– Small : the perfect hammock for kids, but an adult can also sit in it (1.50 m x 1.00 m width – 250 gr)

If you have any special request on size, we can cater to your needs.

wholesale hammock XXL

Hammock XXL

wholesale hammock XL

Hammock XL

wholesale hammock toy

Hammock S



Did you ever lay down inside a Nomad’s Land portable camping hammock?

Nothing is more simple:
First you have to hang some ropes around 2 trees or pillars, except if you already have wall hooks ready.
– Remove the hammock from his attached-bag
– Hang the hammock’s hooks (included) to the ropes or to wall hooks
– Enjoy! it’s so comfortable.

Then, if you have to change location, it’s very simple too:
– There is no knot to open, just remove the hooks from the ropes or from the wall hooks.
– Fold the hammock quickly into the attached-bag.
– Remove the ropes from the trees, and then go!